SUR-04C | Surface Pro Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Surface Pro 4 | 5 | 6 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Will this provide enough power for two external portable hard drives?
Answer: The USB ports provide the standard amount of power for a USB 3.0 port which is 900mAH, it depends on the External Hard Drives and the power demands ...
Mon, 18 Jun, 2018 at 11:04 PM
Surface Pro 4 Gigabit Ethernet adapter work in Surface Pro 7’s?
Answer:  We have a Surface Pro 7 adapter called the ZipHUB which features: 4K HDMI Gigabit Ethernet 2x USB 3.0 ports USB-C Data Port SD Memory car...
Wed, 13 May, 2020 at 10:32 PM